1.0 Any form of harassment

identity disclosure, harassment of individuals based on gender, religion or sexual preference are strictly prohibited.

1.1 Hustling

stalking or sexually harassing a person repeatedly, using scripts that target another person in a repeated and deliberate manner are all strictly prohibited.

1.2 Privacy protections

It is strictly forbidden to share your real life information.
Your real life must be kept to yourself here in Bubble-grid and it is likewise forbidden to make threats on the privacy of other people.

1.2.1 Your information is secure

The email is only used to communicate with you for registration, password reset or a request for partner shipments.
Unlike classic opensim it is impossible for a user via their simulators to use the email addresses of other users. Your IP is a public address it is considered private when you use it as part of a private company;
Your IP is not saved in our servers;
But your IP may be in viewed by anyone with a simulator (OpenSim configuration is done as well)
UUID avatar does not belong to you strictly speaking, it is the property of Bubble-grid and is used to link your avatar name to various Bubble-grid services.
Your avatar name is strictly speaking your priority but Bubble-grid this reserve the right to block and delete it if you violate our terms of Service

1.3 Child's avatars

Bubble-grid strictly forbids any child avatar or inferior to 1M40 (for human forms) either on the official Bubble-grid simulators. Please note: it is also forbidden for child avatars to hypergrid jump to Bubble-grid.

1.4 Your inworld profile

It is forbidden to make copied-pasted private conversation between users without their consent.
It is forbidden to put nudity in your profile, a profile is classified as public (PG)

1.5 Choosing your name in Bubble-grid

You are free to choose the name and avatar name you want
With these exceptions:
YOU CANNOT use your own real name
YOU CANNOT use the name Bubble, Bubble-grid, BG
YOU CANNOT use names to express hate speech or discrimination against others
YOU CANNOT use names that violate laws
YOU CANNOT use brand names
YOU CANNOT use names like Linden Secondlife, or any other Open Sim grid name.

1.6 Object withdrawals (also known as Copy-Bot)

It must be done via DMCA express permission regulations and must be clear, clean, comply with the law.
If you do not have a DMCA we can still consider your download requests, with no guarantees provided.
Any DMCA downloads not previously cleared with management will result in the withdrawal of datas (uuid) in our servers and a temporary ban of the avatar in question. Repeat offenses will cause the avatar to be blocked for life.
Please note: we are not responsible for hypergrid objects entering Bubble-grid
Any object with @gridblabla as an example: port will not be processed, and you will be invited to contact the grid concerned for more information.

1.7 Copybotting in world

Any in-world copybotting will result in an immediate exclusion from Bubble-grid without notice.

2 Region Rentals

2.1 It is strictly forbidden to rent areas hosted on your computers at home, We can verify it easily and the ip would be immediately banned.
Understand that we want our users to be of exemplary quality, so show yourself as an example by using real servers outside your home!

3 Money

3.1 There is no official currency to date on Bubble-grid Please note: Bubble-grid will never take responsibility for any currency that users may use through third-party services.
However, Bubble-grid reserves the right to add a money service on rented areas exclusively through our own servers in the future.

3.2 We do not recommend nor are we responsible for any external monetary services used in Bubble-grid

4 Market Place

4.1 We do not see the benefit of creating a market place specific to Bubble-grid because there are already several on OpenSimulator and they are also interconnected with us. The most serious being Kitely Market.
We advise you to use this one to sell or buy your items.

5 Directors

You need to know the administrators decisions are final. Taking the lead from an administrator is never good, do you take the lead to your boss in real life? ;)
Any abuse and harassment towards an administrator will result in a total ban as well as all accounts links at our utter discretion.
If a region rented through our services is terminated for good cause, you can claim an OAR and an IAR from your inventory. This service is not provided in the event of evidence of copybotting (you WILL lose your stuff).

6 Contact responsible inworld

6.1 Abrial Alexandre ( Alex informatique ) 13, Rue Lamartine, 71210 Montchanin, France - Phone Contact Office Germany +49 6479 322 9 721

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